Mohanlal’s Villain Review – Good or Bad?

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Plot : Mathew Manjuran(Mohanlal) is a police officer who tooks VRS .But one incident happening on his last day of the Career brings him back to Investigate a murder case.Then the movie revolves around his past and the Ways he travel through during this investigation.

Performances: Mohanlal as Mathew Manjuran was very much energetic with his performance as he was good in the gray shaded look as well as in fight sequences.Vishal got a good role compared to his usual tamil Masala roles and he was also neat with his performance.Hansika also did a commendable job.Veterans like Saikumar,Siddique and Renji Panicker too chipped in with nice performances.


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Execution: The Screenplay actually demanded more gripping elements to enthrill the audience.The same Mistake happened in Mr.Fraud repeats here also for B.Unnikrishnan.It missed the thrilling elements.He tried to mix emotions with thrilling elements.But he didnt succeeded in that fully.Normally, he used to come up with Hard hitting dialogues, there were good dialogues,but missed his usual punch.As a director, he could have done better.The movie could have been made with more pace as well as more thrilling factors.But he didnt gave the extra mileage it required badly.As a whole, his direction was average.

Technical Aspects: Frames by Manoj Paramahamsa and N.Ekambeshwara requires huge round of applause as its the major positive of the movie .The editing could have been better as it requires a little more trimming.

Music: Songs falls into average category but the background score by Sushin Shyam was Superb as it suited the mood well.Another good work from him after ‘The Great Father’.


Verdict: An Half Baked Emotional Thriller which missed necessary emotional moments as well as thrill elements. recommend only if you have extra penny to spend :p