VikadaKumaran – Detailed Review

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VikadaKumaran – A Decent Entertainer that will make us laugh as well as thrilled


Advocate Binu( Vishnu Unnikrishnan) is a lawyer who wants to be known as a famous criminal lawyer.The story revolves around his ambitions and how things fall out.

Cast & Performance:

A neat and matured performance from the lead Vishnu Unnikrishnan.He is getting improved film by film and looks good for this type of entertainers.Heroines didn’t have much to do and have done their part neatly.But the big round of applause goes to Baiju and Dharmajan who were excellent with their comedy numbers.In the first half, it was Dharmajan who was at its best but in the second half, it was an astonishing performance from Baiju who is enjoying a fine second coming. Jinu Jacob who played the negative shade did a fine job.the other cast like Indrans , Sunil Sukhada, Mahesh etc were also good.


Boban Samuel is always a director who is able to make people with his movies .Here also, he is able to succeed with his formulas.A decent Screenplay has been very well executed with the mixture of family elements, comedies, and thrilling elements.He was able to maintain this ratio finely throughout the movie.The thrill was their from the middle of first half till the end but his mixing of the same with comedy numbers have put this movie a fine watch for the families this summer.

Technical Expertise:

The cinematography is decent as the movie is colourful throughout whereas editing is crisp as there is no lag or boredom throughout the movie.


Songs fall into average category whereas Bgm ends up as a pretty decent one.

Verdict :

Vikadakumaran is a decent Entertainer that will make as laugh as well as thrilled and is a good watch for this season with families, with Easter-Vishu and post-exam vacations look like Vikadakumaran can earn enough from Kerala box office.