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Mersal Premiere Review

Mersal: Vijay’s David Blaine attempt is not perfect but paisa vasool
Let me tell you this first, I love Vijay and his movies and have no qualms in accepting it. But I will never argue with any other fans over his acting powers or anything of that sort. Mersal is the movie where Vijay and Atlee joining hands after their last outing Theri which was a box office money spinner. Let’s see how Mersal faired…
The US premiere show was delayed due to some key issue. But without much delay, the movie started. Normally I would get a gist of the whole movie from the first 15 minutes itself. And for Mersal, that 15 minutes was pathetic. The opening shot when commando team trying to get in into the house, resembled a flock of ducks swimming to the other side of the pond. That scene absolutely lacked any sort of coordination People were running out from different places… I clearly expected more because I have seen way too awesome police operation shots in many Tamil movies. Vijay’s intro was nice and neat. But then the movie started a feel of zig-zagging. A bunch of robbers robbing a coffee shop !!.. Come on Atlee !!!….. I thought how I will sit through the whole 2.5 hours. These 20 minutes are filled with way too praising of Vijay’s heroism which is something I hate to the core. The script should have natural scenes to boost the heroism( remember the shot inside the pipeline in Kathi ) and this one lacked it at least during the kick off.

After the initial hiccup, the movie picked up the pace, fast-paced editing and nicely placed songs are the reasons for this. Then the interval .. bammm !!!!!.. damn good suspense … Atlee rocked there…Really nice suspense and punch. The first half ended with an OK mark. Moving to the second half, the story concentrates mainly on the flashback story of Vetrimaran, in a remote village in Madurai. Vijay carried this role very nicely and it was nice thought from Atlee to place the “Aalaporan Tamizhan” song in the second half. If you are Tamilnadu, goosebumps are guaranteed for this song. The song keeps up the racy mood of the movie and the second half started in a roaring style. But after a while it gets lagging, the reason is too much detail. From a director’s perspective, it’s entirely his choice. I felt a lag in the flashback but if you think from a different perspective it’s completely right with Atlee to give the detailing to support the emotional scenes. Probably we can expect some cuts soon in this part. But the scenes are neatly pictured and definitely done with the mass expecting audience in mind. Among all the three heroines, Nithya Menon topped in the performance among the three leading ladies. S J Suryah excelled in playing the antagonist, he filled the character with his own charm and richness. In the technical front, G.K Vishnu’s cinematography is damn excellent. You will see a lot of fresh frames in the movies which you have not seen before in any Tamil movies. But I can’t stop saying this, in some of the dance shots, the warm halogen lights were clearly visible. But being his first movie, he knocked it way out of the park. Ruben’s editing was good, the cuts were neat but a little more can be done to make it perfect. A.R Rahman’s music is cool and awesome especially the “Aalaporan Tamizhan” song is damn good….

Coming to Vijay, he made a neat performance. You can feel the hard work he put on for the characters. But something which I felt not right was the David Blaine act. There is nothing wrong in his show but even when David Blaine shows the trick, I was like ” How the hell this guy is pulling off these things ?” and think about how I would feel when Vijay is doing it. And there were way too many magic tricks in the story. That could have been avoided. Another thing has I missed the flow at couple of places. Mersal tells a highly relevant social issue. The story had enough elements to create an ultimate mass entertainer but Atlee missed the dart at places. Vadivelu had made a full-fledged comeback via Mersal. I would say he was good but not excellent. Many of jokes were not firing up as earlier but still, there are a lot of laughing moments in the movie.

Overall : I will recommend Mersal for its high social relevancy and a paisa vasool entertainment ..

Rating: 3.5/5