Uncle review – A Cinema Kerala Audience shouldn’t miss

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Sruthi (Karthika) is a college student studying in Ootty.Her College has been shut down on the account of a sudden strike.She meets KK(Mammooty) who is her dad’ s friend.Then the movie resides on a long road trip.


Mammootty was going through a patch for a small period and here,he is back with a bang.The megactor atlast got a superb role to enact his brilliance and as expected ,he has accepted it with both hands.A scintillating performance from Mammooty with his emotions and acting in a method which confuses audience and make them think whether he is the hero or the villain.Another top notch performance came from Muthumani who enacted the role of Karthika’s mother.She was in brilliant form with her emotions and dialogues.She asked the questions that whole mothers of the state would like to be asked.Joy Mathew was good in his role and it was a decent performance from the heroine Karthika


First of all , we must appreciate the screenplayist Joy Mathew.He has handled such a subject that our society is handling or going through in the current situation.His dialogues,his characterization and his brilliance in giving the important dialogues for an actress was also appreciable. Girish Damodar as a debutant has done a superb job but still he should have been a bit better but if we consider he as a debutant,we can ignore.First half goes in a good pace with thrilling mood and second half dropped its pace in Initial phase but Final 20 minutes were damn Excellent.

Technical Brilliance:

Azhakappan’s frames were superb and it simply gave an extra mileage to the movie.Editing should have been a bit crisp in starting of 2nd half.But other than that,it was a commendable job.


The songs from Bijipal was good and Bgm suited the mood as well.


Verdict: Uncle is the Cinema Kerala Audience shouldn’t miss.