The Mountain Between Us – Idris Elba and Kate Winslet steals the show in this slow-paced narrative

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Let me put it straight away, the prime reason to catch the premiere show of “The Mountain Between US” was Kate Winslet and Idris Elba. The trailer was edited like a survival- thriller movie and I really loved both of coming together for such a genre. Let’s see whether the show was worth.

Alex, played by Kate is a photographer and Ben, played by Idris is a neurosurgeon. One fine day, they meet at an airport where both of them wants to go to the same place (Denver) with their flights canceled. Alex comes up with an idea of hiring a small plane for flying them to their destination. Ben agrees to the idea. On the way, their pilot gets a stroke and their plane crashes in the snow-clad mountains of Wyoming. The story is about how the two survive the mountains and nail breaking cold. Characters of Alex and Ben were built with enough thought. In the very first when Alex walks to Ben and tell him about the idea about the plane, the audience will get a gist about her persona. This is carried further when Alex decides to walk down the mountain rather than staying safe. Her job as a travel photographer suits perfectly to the way the character is built. It’s nice to see when characters are built like this, it makes the audience believe they are more like real people than silver screen heroes or heroines. Sames goes with Ben, he is a calm but tough guy. His profession of neurosurgeon matches with his nature perfectly. You can feel this right throughout the movie. Idris Elba and Kate Winslet were absolutely charming. They both were more like real people than like movie stars. Kate is adorable even when she is near to her 40s, an absolute charm to watch on the big screen. In some of the sequences, she was brilliant. In one of the scenes, when she lays her head to Idris’s chest, you should watch her eyes.. mind-blowing perfection. There are a couple of other sequences as well where she once again proved why she is one of the best actresses in the world. Idris also had his own moments. He made a controlled sense of acting without making the audience feel that he is Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild.

What went wrong with The Mountain Between US is a loosened script. Other than the charming performances and character building of leads, the script has nothing much to offer. The make-out scene between Idris and Kate was absolutely necessary and took the flavor of the movie completely. That scene came in from nowhere and was completely avoidable. Touted as a survivor story, the movie changed the track into a love story in the last 30 minutes. Had the script been tighter, The Mountain Between US should have offered a thrilling view for the audience. The slow narration is another killer. Even with an excellent cinematography, I felt narration could have been a little more fast-paced. I expected a more thrilling BGM as well. But I hardly noticed the existing one and even doubt where there was one. Overall, there are a lot of shortcomings for this one which could have been avoided easily.

Overall : Stellar performance from Idris and Kate is all this one have. I won’t recommend unless you are Kate or Idris fan

The Mountain Between Us - Idris Elba and Kate Winslet steals the show in this slow-paced narrativeOverall : Stellar performance from Idris and Kate is all this one have. I won't recommend unless you are Kate or Idris fan.