Sudani From Nigeria to be screened at Cannes Festival

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Sudani From Nigeria to be screened at Cannes Festival.

The much acclaimed movie of the Season, Sudani From Nigeria is all set to be screened at the Cannes Festival on May 14th.This is a prestigious honour for its makers and actor’s and all those who have been assocciated with it.

Sudani was opened to highly positive word of mouth across the state and did Excellent business in Malabar Region followed by good performance in Central Travancore and Decent performance in Travancore.It is doing an Excellent run in GCC Region as well.Till how it has grossed around 25cr worldwide.

Sudani has Soubin Shahir and Samuel Robinson playing the Prominent roles.This was written and directed by debutant Zachariah and Dialogues was penned along with him by Muhsin Paleri.Shyju Khalid along with Samir Thahir produced the movie.E4 Entertainments distributed this across the nation.