Review : Queen (2017)

Must read

Finally, the much-awaited campus movie Queen has hit the screens and its up and running in packed houses!! I had got an opportunity to watch the movie today and must say that this movie was every bit satisfying. The biggest plus point of the movie is that even if the film had predominantly fresh faces on-screen and behind, we never feel it. Dijo Jose Antony had directed the film so well that we feel that he has been around for some while in the industry!! Way to go brother!! We will be eagerly waiting for your next outing and hope that some biggies come your way!!

Coming to the story, the film is based on the ever famous Royal Mech branch, the craziness of this gang and the hostile atmosphere involved with the seniors. The ‘Queen’ enters the college and as you might have already guessed, she joins the mechanical branch and is the only girl in this branch. She is a bubbly character and wins over the gang in quick time. Amidst all the fun, something unexpected happens and how it unfolds forms the rest of the story.

Dijo has made a memorable debut in presenting the story in a very engaging and thought-provoking manner! The audience never feel any kind of lag over the 160 odd minutes which is long by today’s standards and that itself is a massive plus point! The scripting part has also been neat and Sharis and Jebin handled a familiar premise with the right mix of fun, sentiments and a bit of thrill! The audience would be surely moved by some of the events on-screen and some of the dialogues, especially towards the tail end of the movie, surely would make us think. It is a very encouraging sign that filmmakers try to convey some really good messages even in a predominantly youth-oriented movie. It was a relief to see these young guys not going after the double meaning jokes that are so common these days.

The cinematography was top quality in many places and we can feel the fresh frames and they were a pleasure to our eyes. The music by Jakes Bejoy was just superb. The theme song ‘Aaranda’ is still ringing in my ears. There are other memorable songs too and we are eagerly waiting for the visuals of these songs to come out. The background score really lifted the movie throughout and this was another one of the major plus points!. The VFX works by COCONUT BUNCH really deserves an applaud !!

Overall, Queen is quite a good movie to spend your weekend and if you ignore some minor flaws considering the largely young crew, this film would surely be a good watch.