Ramaleela malayalam movie Review – An Engaging Political thriller

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Ramanunni (Dileep) is a young MLA who is sacked by his party.He joins the oppossite party in the next election and is also participating in very next by election as a candidate.Then the story revolves around the challenges faced by Ramanunni and how he survive those.


If we take top 10 dileep performances, Ramanunni definitely deserves a place there.He was able to deliver a stunning performance by handling the situations perfectly.The best role for Shajon after Drishyam, he was superb in 2nd half during comedy scenes with Dileep.As the heroine, Prayaga did a matured performance. Other casts like Mukesh,Vijayaraghavan and Siddique also did a good job. Rest of the cast were also fine.


Arun Gopy , the debutant reminds the Joshy of old times , as he executed this challenging screenplay superbly. He was able to make the audience engaged till the end.The first half was more of a serious note while second half, eventhough was serious had some good situational comedy moments, not forced comedies.Another person who deserves applause is Sachi, who can now be classified into the elite league of scriptwriters in Malayalam Cinema.He was able to produce a beautiful screen play that is challenging for any director to execute.The second half of the movie is better than the first half thanks to the superb tail end.

Technical Expertise:

As usual, Shaji Kumar’s frames were superb as the visuals were very good. The cuts by John Kutty was good as there were no boredom for a movie having duration of 160 minutes.


The songs can be classified into above average category but the background score suited the mood well.


Ramaleela is an engaging political thriller with a good first half and superb second half thanks to a brilliant climax.

Rating :3.5/5