Queen The First Surprise of the Year

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Queen – The First Surprise of 2018??? The movie foretells very much astonishing as per the latest reports. Queen will be a visual treat to each and everyone.The music of Queen has already hit the chartbusters and fans are envisaging a lot from the entire team.

The movie is all about Mechanical Engineering where it’s completely owned by boys . The whole shebang changes the moment when a girl joins the Mechanical engineering department. We all know what befalls when a girl joins the Mechanical stream which is completely ruled by boys. Let’s wait and watch out for a visual entertainment which will be impartially loved by audiences irrespective of any age groups.


The script is penned by Jebin Joseph Antony and Sharis Muhammad who are Mechanical Engineers by profession. This gives the clear picture and the personal experience can be an added as an added advantage.Rinu and Shibu will be producing the film under the banner of Arabian Dreams and entertainment who themselves are Mechanical Engineers.The movie will be made as a bilingual in Tamil and Malayalam.

The musical department had contrived huge snap through social media. We could see many college students demanding for fans shows. This gives clear picture on how queen has aroused them with in no time. Hero looks very much propitious and the way the lad handled expressions in “vennilave” song is simply outstanding. Let’s wait and watch how the rest of the crew performs in the movie.

Overall Queen will be a visual extravaganza for the audiences as it can assuage the plenary of people irrespective of any age groups. Let’s tarry and watch out how the latterly joined Diva will become the Queen of the batch.