Punyalan Private Limited , Joy Thakkolkaaran strikes Gold Again

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Plot: In his first outing, Joy’ s product was Punyalan Agarbathees but here due to some circumstances, he was forced to stop it .But as we know, Joy is a person who always want to win so he comes up with a New business plan, Punyaalan Water.Here also, he faces lot many issues from many different corners.Then, the movie revolves around how he fight against the odds.

Performances: Like the first outing, Jayasurya excelled as Joy Thakkolkaaran with not only his acting skills but also his efficiency of handling Thrissur Slang.This , Thakkolkaaran is definitely a lucky charm for the versatile actor.Next in the line is Vijayaraghavan who plays a negative shade here.As usual, he excelled with his typical mannerisms. Sreejith Ravi and Dharmajan mainly handled the Comedy Department and they did Complete justice to their roles.Rest of the cast including Aju Varghese,Vishnu Govind and Arya were also good.

Execution: Renjith Shankar was good as a director, screen play writer and with his his dialogues. He came up with an another interesting subject related to the current scenarios happening in either the state or the nation.Dialogues of the movie was very well received by audience.Ranjith succeeded in executing the movie with a good pace this, audience will get never bored as well as the duration is also an another positive.The movie had decent amount of comedies,social affairs, recent scenarios all mixed up nicely.

Music: The songs were above average whereas the bgm suited the mood very well.

Technical Expertise:
Frames from Vishnu Narayanan were superb as it provided another mileage to the the movie.The frames provided a colourful treat for the audience.Edits were crisp as audience never got bored or felt lagged through out the movie.


Verdict: Another win for Jayasurya – Ranjith Shankar Team. Joy Thakkolkaaran again proves to be lucky for the Combo.All chances of ended up being career best grosser of Jayasurya