Pretham 2 Review : Decent Thriller

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Pretham 2 is a sequel to the 2016 superhit movie Pretham Directed by the very same Ranjit Shanker starring Jayasurya in the lead playing the character “Don Bosco” ,the mentalist.


Five youngsters – Amit Chakkalakkal, Saniya Iyappan, Durga Krishna, Sidharth Siva and Dain Davis, who met each others through a facebook group named “cinema pranthan” decides to make short film lands up in the “varikashery mana” famous as cinema shoot spot as well as a tourist spot. While shooting for a short film a series of eerie incidents take the centre stage and their presence disturbs the shoot, which makes them believe in supernatural powers. Jayasurya the Mentalist arrive and how he finds the root cause of these incidents and the truth behind the supernatural forces forms the story.


As usual Jayasurya is the backbone. He steals the show as the mentalist Don Bosco. Amit,Dain were very good while Durga,Saniya and Siddharth were decent.


Like all previous Ranjit Shanker movies , the script gets better hold of story line the second half by entering into a socially relevant issue. The soul of the movie lies in final 25-30 minutes, before which it had more of a humorous run.

DOP was handled very beautifully, it was visually good and Anand Madhusoodhanan’s music was a haunting experience to the situations.


Pretham 2 is definitely a decent watch from theaters this vacation season though it lack the horror elements of a supernatural forces as expected.