Peranbu emerges as a successful venture for producer as well as in Kerala and GCC Markets

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Peranbu emerges as a successful venture for producer as well as in Kerala and GCC Markets.

Peranbu which released last month was opened to 100% positive reviews. Praises came from all corners for the lead actors Mammootty and Sadhana for their top notch performances. Film was directed by Ram who also got fantastic appreciations across the globe. Film was produced by P.L.Thenappan under the banner of Shree Rajalakshmi productions.

The film turned out to be a successful venture for the producer is another happiness as Thenappan was involved through out during the production stages as he wanted the movie to be that very best rather than the profit, which normally producers will be eyeing at. As we all know, film was made with a moderate budget as Mammootty acted for free in this movie.

The film earned a good amount as prize money as it participated in many top level film festivals across the globe. Other than that, film got 3.5 Cr from Amazon Prime as they are planning to release it in 2 languages and they are hoping to improve their malayalam market with Peranbu as they believe there will good viewers for this one. The film earned 1.8 Cr share from Kerala box office which was distributed here based on commission . GCC rights was sold for an amount between 30-35 Lakhs .Tamil Nadu satellite rights is yet to be sold it seems. It will also earn him a good amount. Remaining areas like Rest of India, Malaysia and other areas also earned him a decent amount.

Now,coming to the Kerala and GCC Markets, Peranbu is a hit.By attaining a share of 1.8 Cr ,it has become a profitable venture for producer Thenappan as well as distributor Anto Joseph who did this on a commission basis. This share is on par with recent hit Joseph and that itself shows how well it performed here being a non-malayalam as well as non-commercial movie. GCC rights was sold to World Wide Films for an amount between 30-35 Lakhs and it earned 75 Lakhs + share in its final run thus resulting in an 100% recovery for the distributor.

Its good to see films like this turning out to be a successful venture for producers as this will make more people come forward to take up the challenge and this will result in good cinematic experience for the viewers. A happy thenappan is now enjoying the holidays with family in Qatar after the success of Peranbu.