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The story revolves around 2 children’s , Irshad and Haseeb who hails from Mattancherry Town. The main plot is the Pigeon Race happening in this part of the state. With the tournament about to happen, the reaches others who also have involved in the same in the past.Then the story goes around the local peoples and their families.It travels around the dream of these peoplw.


2 Childrens deserves a big round of applause for their brilliant performance. Undoubtedly , their performance is the backbone of the movie. Shine Nigam was at his career best. Even though his role was small, Dulquer Salman delivered an impressive performance. Soubin, Siddique,Harisree Ashokan,Sreenath Bhasi and the remaining cast also delivered a good performance.


The screenplay has small faults there and here. But, as a debutant director, Soubin Shahir deserves a good round of applause as he pulled it off nicely. The execution of this simple story was done beautifully done by the debutant Soubin. The first half of the movie was at a very good level. But the second half was not at that level till the pre-climax portions, but yet again Soubin pulled it off with an excellent tail end.

Technical Aspects:

The frames from the cinematographer Little Swayamb in undoubtedly a visual treat for the audience. It took the movie to an another level. The cuts by Praveen was also commendable as their were no lags.


The bgm by Rex Vijayan was better than the songs. Bgm suited well for the movie . Songs were good in theatre watch thanks to the visual aspects.


Rating :3.5/5

Verdict : Parava flies high thanks to some good performances and a nice execution. Undoubtedly , a person will have a nice feel when leaves the theatre hall after watching Parava.