Odiyan Fails To Rise;Big Let Down!!!

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When Mohanlal played larger than life character of Murugan in the 2016 Magnum opus ‘Pulimurugan’ never did he imagine that this would turn to backfire him in all the coming movies and the burden of the industrial hit movie continues to take a toll him , thanks to the Directors and Production houses for the newgen phrase “Enth Thallal aada”.

Odiyan’s thread is much more of a melodrama than a mass entertainer as it was promoted by the Director , Production house as well a Mohanlal Fans themselves. Much contrary to the claims of director Odiyan finds it difficult to match the pace that’s required for an entertainer.


Odiyan the prime suspect of two murder’s that happened in his village Thenkurussi returns after a self imposed exile of 15 years to avenge the death of the murders which were put on his shoulders. This forms the plot of the movie and on a simple note an old wine in a new bottle with an exaggerated and misfired marketing.


The biggest let down of the movie was Directors’s idea less direction despite having an average screenplay from Harikrishnan which could have been well crafted had it been a director of Vyshak or Priyadarshan’s class minus the much misfired marketing.


M Jayachandran’s songs were a treat to listen with Shaji Kumar’s brilliant visuals.
John Kutty’s Editing would have had a tough time behind the scenes considering the fact that the movie lags despite all his efforts.
Peter Hein’s fight choreography dissapoints big time barring the “BATMAN” fight in the pre climax.


Performances of Mohanlal and Prakash Raj were the saving factors while Manju looked extremely beautiful on screen but fell short of her yesteryear brilliance in acting.
Narein and Kailash dissapointed big time while Sana put up a decent performance.
Harith,Aneesh G Nair,Nandu were good in the negative shades while Siddique and Innocent too put a good show.

Tail End : Shrikumar Menon’s “Odividya” shoots down the movie single handedly. Odiyan falls after the early rise. It needs to be seen how the world wide release of movie performs in Box Office riding on Mohanlal’s shoulders.