Movie Review : Njan Prakashan – A Perfect Family Entertainer for the season

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Njn prakashan malayalam movie staring fahad fassil as lead role. the movie is directed by sathyan adhikad and scripted by Sheeenivasan. Read detailed review of njn prakshan below  :

Plot : Story Revolves around Prakashan who wants to conquer many height without any effort.Lets see how his efforts turnout .

Performance: Fahadh Faasil is undoubtedly the best natural actor present in Malayalam Cinema for the time being.What a peformer, this guy is. Whether its Sentiments or its Humuor or its Serious, Fahadh put in his best.Nikhil Vimal as the main heroine has Come up with a commendable performance as well as Anju , the other heroine. Another noticebale performance came from Sreenivasan, he was all over the place with excellent comedy timings and Counters.The Young girl who played a pivotal role also did complete justice to her role.Eventhough with less screen time, K.P.S.C Lalitha also came up with some moments to laugh.


The best work of Sathyan Anthikad after Bhaagyadevatha with out any doubt.In the recent past, it was second half which was not upto the mark in his recent movies.But here, second half is better than the first half.First half falls to above average – good category whereas second half stands way above the first half.Sathyan was able to execute the movie without a single moment of boredom to the audience.Sreenivasan’s screen play deserves a good round of applause as he was able t.mix it up with lot of humour and decent amount of family sentiments.His dialogues was top class with some of the countere made entire theatre go crazy


Technical Expertise : Frames by S.Kumar was top notch as he was able to capture the nature’s beauty to the core and lot much of freshness was there in the frames.Editing was crisp as not a single moment of boredom was there.

Music: Songs by Shaan Rahman was very pleasant to listen as well as Bgm suited the mood well.



Verdict : Njan Prakashan is a Perfect entertainer for the season with lot to laugh along with family Sentiments as well as Superb Performance from the lead.