Masterpiece : Truly Master Of Masses

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Travancore Maharaja College is the center of attraction in this story scripted by Udayakrishna. The college has two warring factions named Royal Warriors and Real Fighters. The plot takes its shape on the outskirts of this college and the rivalry between these two gangs in the college. Edward Livingston is an English professor in this college. What is his role in the film and what are his intentions, well for knowing the answer, you will have to watch the movie yourself.

Direction and Script:

Ajai Vasudev, we all know what genre he adopted for his debut movie and we also know what to expect from a movie that has a screenplay written by Udayakrishna. So when these two people join, we are expecting some sort of fireworks to happen. Well, that is what we actually witness in Masterpiece. We have loads of action, campus fun and fights, few songs and a larger than life hero who can beat anyone no matter how many are there on the opposite side. We have all these factors in a predictable format but what makes the difference is the packaging which is outdated but good enough to put the film in a safe zone. The director and his writer have made sure that they don’t disappoint the hardcore fans of Mammootty by incorporating some mass scenes that will give them a chance to whistle and cheer for their favorite actor.


Mammootty looks dashing and young with flawless screen presence. This professor’s character with mass elements in it is a cakewalk for him which he has performed to the expectations. Unni Mukundan as John Thekkan is probably his finest character that he played in his character. Filled with mass elements and stunts Unni was a completely loaded mass package in the movie. Gokul Suresh did show his dad’s legacy in his acting, the young man has lot more in him for Malayalees. Santhosh Pandith who made his mainstream movie debut was good while Pashanam Shaji performed below expectation.Mukesh, Maqbool Salmaan were decent enough while Captain Raju who does a cameo of his evergreen Pavanai had nothing to offer in the movie. Among the female actors, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Poonam Bajwa are the prominent ones and they don’t have anything major to perform.

Technical Aspects and Songs :

Camera and editing were above average while songs disappointed big time. BGM score was excellent considering the genre the movie falls in. Actions were choreographed and pictured well through the climax fight could have been made better, says few who watched.

Verdict: Masterpiece makes sure that if you area lover of mass movies, you won’t leave the cinema hall disappointed.A “Paisa Vasool Entertainer” of this season.