Kingsman: The Golden Circle ; Thumbs down – Review

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 Kingsman - The Golden Circle
Kingsman – The Golden Circle

Kingsman series was introduced to fill the gap of uber cool spy movies which were earlier feasted by Bond movies. Since Casino Royale, Bond became more like a physical champ rather than a gadget guy. The audience really missed Pierce Brosnan and his gadgets. Kingsman was right on the spot. The first movie in the series set the plot at the right place.

Now the makers got confident and ready to roll out a sequel and unfortunately, the sequel is not up to the mark. A strong cast of actors can’t save the movie with a hollow script. Too much of senseless action gives headaches at times and this movie is the best example for that. I thought about leaving the theater in the middle but somehow clinched there.

Hally Berry, one of the finest actress of her time was wasted to the core. Pedro Pascal, one of the finest actors I have seen in recent times, got literally ‘minced’. Most of the visuals seem to be admonishing the audiences for buying the ticket. A better script could have changed the scenario but unfortunately, the makers don’t have one. Lack of continuity and too much dependency on CG made the bar go down again.

I expected a movie which is more tightened up compared to the first part and with a strong plot for another sequel. I am not sure whether Kingsman 3 will happen but the director, Mathew Vaugh already told that the script is ready for that. Let’s hope the next one will rock out.

Overall: We don’t recommend Kingsman: The Golden Circle.Dodge this bullet..