Godha Malayalam Movie Review

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Plot: The story deals with a young engineering student named Das and his father who is passionte about wrestling.  Aditi is a female young wrestler who is Das’s Friend.  Aditi leaves Punjab being impressed on das’s wrestling skillsand travels to kerala citing a personal reason. Then the story deals with Aditi’s life in Das’s Wrestling Village.

Performances: Tovino who played the main main lead did a good job eventhough he doesn’t had much to perform except the wrestling sequence where his body also been a major factor. Wamiqa Gabbi who played the female lead was the show stealer of the movie.She was brilliant in sentimental scenes as well as the Wrestling Sequences. Renji Panicker who played the role of Toviono’s Father also did a brillaint job in sentimental scenes and was fair in wrestling sequences considering his age.  The other supporting cast Aju Varghese, Dharmajan Bolgaty, Dharmajan Bolgaty, Bijukuttan, Pradeep Kottayam also were fine and gave their contributions to the comedy part.

Execution: Basil Joseph has executed the OK script very well.Eventhough the story didn’t had nothing new,with all these  type of wrestling stories had come earlier and the story  mixed up with regular stuff includes a club of local gangs, political groups, an outside state girl wondering about the local culture, fun family elements etc.
The first half of the movie deals with the life of Tovino which is filled with good situational comedies, family elements, romance track and emotional tracks. The combination scenes between Tovino and Wamiqa Gabbi is the major positive in the first half with combination scenes working out well.The first half ends with a twist which is predictable
The second half of the movie has lot more thrilling elements in it. Wamiqa Gabbi was the one who carried out the movie in the second half.. The climax wrestling tournament was very well executed and had created a major impact to the viewers. The combination scenes between Tovino and Ranji Panicker has also come out well. The movie ended up with a decent climax wrestling sequence.
Technical Expertise: The Frames by Vishnu Sharma wasgood with wrestling sequences well captured and editing was also fine.
Music: Music was Shaan Rahman was good with it was good to hear. The Bgm was excellent as it suited the mood well.
Rating: 3.5/5
Verdict: Godha is a good entertainer with good humour,well crafted wrestling sequences ,songs and good perfromances.