Ente Ummante Peru : Feel Good Family Entertainer!!!

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As young charming sensation Tovino Thomas’s latest hits theaters also starring one of malayalam cinema’s most powerful and talented actress Urvashi hits screens audiences would be expecting nothing less than a super hit, Lets have a brief review of the movie to know whether it met our expectations.

Chemistry between Tovino and Urvashi was the backbone of the movie


After Hyder’s death, his son Hameed ( Tovino) feels that he is a “yatheem” (orphan) as he doesnt know the whereabouts of his mother or any other relatives. This would mean that he wouldnt get a well off marriage proposals as well.’Ente Ummante Peru’ is Hameed’s journey to find his mother.Whether he manages to reach out to his mother forms the rest of the plot.


Tovino Thomas yet again makes a boy-next-door image count with his stellar innocent performace and his chemistry with legendary actress Urvashi , who plays Aishumma, was a treat to watch.

Urvashi who makes another great performance count to her legacy was the backbone of the movie . The mischievous Aishumma was pulled off so easily with such ease.

Debutant Sai Priya had nothing much to do other than playing the the pair to Tovino.

Mamukoya, Dileesh Pothan, Siddique and Hareesh Kanaran have done their parts well.


Direction: Debutant director Jose Sebastian has done a fair job in trying convince this simple plot to the audiences. Though he lost a bit of pace at times , one can forget this considering his experience as an independent director.

Script:The screenplay by Sarath R Nair and Jose Sebastian lacked entertainment factors at many places which were always saved by the performances and chemistry between Tovino and Urvashi.

Music:The movie makes use minimal background score. Songs composed by Gopi Sundar were engaging and soothing.


Overall, ‘Ente Ummante Peru’ does meet the expectations of being a feel good family drama backed by excellent performances of Tovino and Urvashi. Go watch with your mother and have fun this vacation!!!