American Made: Tom Cruise struck gold with this one – Review

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american made review

Tom Cruise, the name which is synonymous with the English movies to the 90’s kids. Tom is one of the most bankable actors in the movie industry, yet his career has been similar to a sin curve since 2010, mostly on a downward trend. Except for Edge of Tomorrow and Mission Impossible, the picture is almost flam. A comeback seemed inevitable on the cards and Tom did that by American Made.

American Made tells the story of Barry Seal, a commercial airline pilot who later turns to work CIA and South American drug cartels in the 80’s. The highlight of the movie is the super cool performance from Tom. The very scene of Barry’s introduction will give us a gist that he is a person who likes to shake things a bit. Tom is damn truthful to the character and his charisma and jovial flavor made the character and the movie a really enjoyable one. When an actor performs at this scale, I would say he ‘sold’ the damn character to us and yep, Tom did that we no doubt. American made has a similar narration style of Narcos. But unfortunately, the guy who did the role Pablo Escobar was nowhere near the Wagner Moura.

One another shortcoming of the movie is the editing part, you can see the overloading of green hue in many scenes. Along with that some of the scenes were really noisy, I really don’t like when low light scenes getting filled up with grains. Maybe I need to accept the fact that movies are rarely being in shot in film rolls and mostly captured in digital which has a very less tolerance towards the noise. Except that American made is a clean and neat watch.Tom Cruise was able to carry the whole movie on his shoulders. He never ceases to entertain and will surely make you laugh by his natural charm. Even at his 50’s, he is well built and super sexy. Tom proves that he is still bankable and can attract audiences to the movie halls.
Overall: American Made is damn interesting and is 100% worth your money. Recommended for the weekend.