Abrahaminte Santhathikal Review – A thriller that satisfies all kinds of viewers

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Mammootty Starer Abrahaminte Santhathikal started off with an investigation behind a series of murders of a police officers in force. The engaging first half hits a roadblock for a few minutes in the second half until the surprising elements in the last 20 minutes elevates the movie to sky high and end up on an stupundous climax. There were whistles and claps everywhere once the movie got over and Emperor of Malayala cinema is back with a bang one can say proudly.
Plot : As mentioned earlier, Derick Abraham (Mammootty) , an IPS officer , is the go to go man In the police department. He is very sincere to his work and uniform and never brings in any kind of emotions or sentiments when it comes to work. He is handed over the case of series of murders and he eventually succeeds in finding the serial killer . From there the movie moves into the family relationships between Derick and Philip Abraham, played by Anson Paul who gets a very meaty role in the movie. Story now recikvesy around these two brothers and the rest needs to be watched on screen.
Direction and Screenplay:
Shaji Padoor, yet another promising director with an experience of 21 years has made a debut and this time too the hero remains Mammootty, a Messiah for many debutants. Shaji Padoor has directed excellently where his product starts slowly and ends up on a high note.
The Screenplay is written by Haneef Adeni who earlier directed Mammootty in ‘The Great Father’ which was a runaway blockbuster last year. Though script had few loopholes , the mass dialogues this time added by Haneef gives oppurtunities for Megastar fans to rejoice and celebrate.
Technical side:
The movie is yet another stylish thriller made in malayalam after ‘The Great Father’s which had more or less the same team. Alby’s DOP and Gopi Sundar’s bgm were in perfect sync all the time which helped the movie elevate to its best. And to add this national award winner Mahesh Naayanan’s edits were perfect blend. ‘ Yerusalemile Nayika’ sung by Shreya which was a runaway YouTube hit was another plus to the movie.
Other Actors :
This would be one movie Anson Paul would remember for a lifetime and he says to the world – ‘ I’m here to stay’.
Actors Renji Panicked, Siddique, Suresh Krishna , Sohan Seenulal were all good but the man who surprised all were Kalabhavan Shajon. Shajon has improved so well over the years and we can say we saw an excellent character actor in him in this movie.
Tarushi and Kaniha didn’t have much to perform, were decent .
Tail end : The movie is a thriller that rides on emotional family relationships and a police investigation story which has been neatly pulled with perfect blend of family emotions, thriller and simple but powerful mass dialogues. This is also a movie were actor Mammootty has come out his age and pulled off so easily , nevertheless to say though. Book your tickets as Abrahaminte Santhathikal has risen as expected.
Rating – 4/5